Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Oil


Full-Spectrum | 50mg per mL/Dropper | 60mL, 120mL

Free your mind, destress, & help your body combat wear & tear in a healthy, non-addictive, & sustainable way.

  Experience a calm, relaxed, & quiet mind, free of anxious thoughts.

  Restore your body & promote healthy joints

  Promote balance & restore peace to your soul

  Choose a healthy, natural alternative & say goodbye to pills


Experience A New Level of ‘Calm’

– Lazarus Naturals’ CBD Oil consistently delivers powerfully relaxing effects.
– Eases your mind & melt away stress in a natural, healthy way.
– Fight off daily stressors & approach life with a calmer, more focused mind.


Restore Balance & Promote Body/Joint Health

– Helps your body restabilize & restore critical imbalances.
– Support healthy joints throughout your body.
– Don’t just ‘mask’ the issue, but rather attack it from the inside-out.


Say ‘Goodbye’ to Pills & ‘Hello’ to Plants

– Forget about harmful, addictive, & potentially lethal pills.
– Experience better relief through a plant-based, natural alternative.
– Stay sharp, highly-functional, & able to carry on with your day as normal!

Flavor / Size

Natural 2 oz., Chocolate Mint 2 oz., Chocolate Mint 4 oz., French Vanilla Mocha 2 Oz.