Secret Nature – White Fire OG (Indica) – Full Spectrum – CBD Vaporizer Cartridge


Enjoy a free, relaxed mind while relieving your body with White Fire OG. Notes of pine, earth, & diesel combine for a classic Cannabis aroma/flavor.

  Combat anxious feelings & stress with this strain rich in Limonene

  Encourage creativity, euphoria, & an uplift in mood

  Experience physical relief throughout your body

  Mellow your mind, while relaxing your body

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White Fire OG is your strain! Look no further for a deep, relaxing effect from your CBD vape. This strain is sure to help you unwind after a day of fighting the good fight.

Experience a level of relaxation & relief that you may not have known possible. With this incredibly calming & relieving CBD vape from Secret Nature. A great choice for those who need physical relief from the aches that you may feel!

Relax Your Mind

  • 700mg of Full Spectrum CBD will be sure to help you unwind & destress.
  • Rich in Limonene, this strain works well to combat anxious feelings.
  • Quiet down your mind & feel happy & euphoric with this strain.

Combat Physical Discomfort

  • High in b-Caryophyllene, this strain brings strong physical relief throughout your body.
  • Experience the deep relaxation & mellowing effects of CBD.
  • Encourage fluidity & restore mobility to joints.

Healthy Alternative

  • Say no to nicotine, & opt for a natural, non-addictive alternative.
  • No Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) in these vapes.
  • Only naturally derived terpenes are used for flavoring, instead of artificial ingredients.

Feel The Difference

Secret Nature utilizes live-resin Hemp extract to produce its CBD Vapes. This process includes freezing the Hemp after harvesting, then extracting its contents. Resulting in a more potent & effective extract. Secondly, Secret Nature doesn’t add any artificial or unnecessary ingredients/fillers! No Propylene Glycol, or Vitamin E! Only CBD-rich Hemp extract, along with the terpenes from said plant to provide a natural flavor. 

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