Secret Nature – Gelato (Hybrid) – CBD Vape Cartridge – Full Spectrum


Gelato is a delightful hybrid strain that offers deeper relaxation & calmness than a Sativa, while not being as sedating as an Indica strain. A perfect option for all-day use & a CBD vape you can rely on to chill you out without needing to take a nap!

  Free your mind & destress from the daily grind

  Experience deep relief throughout your body

  Balanced relief for all-day usage

  No PG/VG or other artificial ingredients


  • Looking to ease those anxious feelings?
  • Seeking a more restful night of sleep?
  • Need help staying calm & collected during the day?
  • Want something to help you relax anytime, day or night?

Look no further than “Gelato” from Secret Nature CBD!

This strain originates from the Bay Area of California & gets its name due to its tasting notes/aroma. With creamy, dessert-like notes along with hints of fruit & berry, this is a great-tasting strain!

Ease Your Body

  • Rich in b-Caryophyllene, this strain will help your body restore itself after the daily tax it receives.
  • Combat physical discomfort with this relaxing strain.
  • Fight back against recurring discomfort of many kinds.

Combat Stress/Anxiousness

  • Let your mind run free & encourage happiness/euphoria!
  • Relax & unwind without feeling too “mellow”.
  • Encourage productivity & creativity with high levels of Limonene!

Enjoy Balanced Relief

  • Experience calmness, without being “couch-locked”.
  • Enjoy a more uplifted sense of self.
  • All-day relief can be achieved with this balanced strain.

Choose Healthy Alternatives

  • Forget the nicotine vapes that do harm to you, & opt for a healthy alternative.
  • Free from Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG).
  • Only natural ingredients included, without any unnecessary additives / artificial ingredients.

Gelato is known to have a relaxing feeling without leaving you too “out of it” so you can still conquer your daily goals. It’s a great choice for those new to CBD vapes as it will give you a well-rounded idea of what they feel like. You can then decide if you’d like more of a “heady” effect (Sativa) or a more “bodily” effect (Indica).

You may find that you most enjoy hybrid strains like this one that offers the calmness of an Indica along with the focus of a Sativa strain! It’s an excellent choice for reliable, all-day relief & offers a wide array of uses.

Feel The Difference

Secret Nature utilizes live-resin Hemp extract to produce its CBD Vapes. This process includes freezing the Hemp after harvesting, then extracting its contents. Resulting in a more potent & effective extract. Secondly, Secret Nature doesn’t add any artificial or unnecessary ingredients/fillers! No Propylene Glycol, or Vitamin E! Only CBD-rich Hemp extract, along with the terpenes from said plant to provide a natural flavor. 

Order with Confidence

As always, purchases are backed by a 90-day full refund policy! So, no worries about not liking it.

We’d love to get your order out the door & in your hands ASAP, so place your order now!


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