Secret Nature – Forbidden Fruit (Indica) – CBD Vape – Full Spectrum


Experience the calming effects of CBD, while still remaining clear-headed & focused! Forbidden fruit is an excellent all-day choice.

  Experience calming, relaxing effects throughout your body & mind

  Restore balance & support a discomfort-free body

  All-day relaxation with a balanced effect between calming & energizing

  Fruitful, sweet, tangy flavor for an enjoyable, delicious experience

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  • Looking to feel mellowed out?
  • Seeking relief from frequent/constant discomfort?
  • Need some help getting a full night’s rest?
  • In need of some mood stabilization?
  • Looking to use prescriptions less & alternatives more?

Forbidden Fruit is your answer. This Indica-dominant strain is sure to calm your body & mind. Leaving you feeling mellow, at-ease, & ready to relax!

This strain is a great choice for those who enjoy using CBD to help wind down. Particularly useful for after work, school, or other strenuous activities that leave you feeling exhausted. An excellent tool to have in your toolbox when you need to find relief, relaxation, & give your body & mind a much-needed break.


The flavor is a mixture of tangy/tropical fruit, sweet cherry undertones, along with a slight musk. Also includes notes of Mango, Passionfruit, & Pine!

Feel The Difference

Secret Nature utilizes live-resin Hemp extract to produce its CBD Vapes. This process includes freezing the Hemp after harvesting, then extracting its contents. Resulting in a more potent & effective extract. Secondly, Secret Nature doesn’t add any artificial or unnecessary ingredients/fillers! No Propylene Glycol, or Vitamin E! Only CBD-rich Hemp extract, along with the terpenes from said plant to provide a natural flavor. 

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