Legendary OG – CBD Flower / Hemp Flower – Cannaflower


Experience physical relief throughout your body, ease your mind, & destress with this Legendary strain. The perfect after-work companion!

  Combat physical wear & tear throughout your body

  Calm your mind down & unwind after a long day

  Encourage creativity & uplifted mood

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Relax Your Body & Combat Discomfort

  • Legendary OG is high in Beta-Caryophyllene, a terpene known to offer physical relief throughout your body.
  • Achieve a higher quality of life & get a better night’s rest by unwinding the tension & aches your body experiences.
  • Fight off the tax that is placed on your body daily & leave yourself feeling like a new you!


Chill Your Mind Out & Achieve Peace

  • Another major terpene present is Linalool, which has shown to mellow your mind & relax your psyche.
  • Turn down the noise inside your head & achieve a sense of peace.
  • Ease stress that builds up daily & reset your mind to be able to go at it again tomorrow!


Feel Calm, Not Paranoid or Anxious

  • Federally legal & under 0.3% THC, this flower allows you to experience Cannabis in a legal, safe way.
  • No worries about anxious or paranoid feelings after consuming, unlike with Cannabis that’s high in THC!
  • Take your mind & body to a place they’ve never been before: relaxation station!