Cherry Wine – Cannaflower – CBD / Hemp Flower


The sandman’s sidekick. Cherry Wine is the perfect nighttime strain to help ease your mind, unwind, & set yourself up for a wonderful, restful night of sleep!

  Promote quality, restful sleep & quiet down racing thoughts

  Unwind & relax after a long day’s work

  Relieve your body’s discomfort & restore balance

  Mellow out your mind & ease into the night

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Sleep Soundly Through The Night

  • High in Myrcene, this strain provides deep relaxation that suits those experiencing long, restless nights.
  • Take back control of your sleeping routine by calming your mind & enhancing your REM cycles.
  • Feel restored, rested, & ready to take on the day after finally achieving truly restful sleep.


Quiet Down That Racing Mind

  • Ease your mind from contemplating, analyzing, & over-thinking.
  • Take the edge off from the day’s worth of stress & unwind your mind.
  • Get to sleep quicker by turning down the unprovoked thoughts when your head hits the pillow.


Enjoy Relaxation, Without Intoxication

  • THC can negatively affect sleep patterns, while CBD has shown promising results in helping deepen REM cycles & restoring your circadian rhythm!
  • Enjoy federally legal relaxation & realize the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis without breaking the law!
  • 13% CBD content makes for a potent, blissful experience of relaxation & relief.