Berry Cobbler – CBD Flower | Cannaflower


Enjoy a refreshing, fruity flavor profile & unwind after a long day with Berry Cobbler. This indoor flower delivers powerful relief & deep relaxation!

  Excellent nighttime strain. Allowing your body & mind to take a breather!

  Notes of Cherry, Cinnamon, & Earth for a tasteful experience.

  Put your mind & body at ease

  Experience a limited-time, indoor-grown, hydroponic flower.


End Your Day Stress-Free

  • High in Myrcene, enjoy a relaxed & calm mind.
  • Give your body a break & restore balance to your soul.
  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights & racing thoughts.

Enjoy Relaxation, Without Intoxication

  • THC can negatively affect sleep patterns, while CBD has shown promising results in helping deepen REM cycles & restoring your circadian rhythm!
  • Enjoy federally legal relaxation & realize the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis without breaking the law!
  • 13% CBD content makes for a potent, blissful experience of relaxation & relief.