Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend CBD Capsules – Isolate (THC-Free)


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Looking for a boost to your morning or pre-workout? These energy blend capsules from Lazarus Naturals are a perfect choice!


  • THC-Free
  • 25mg of CBD per capsules (450mg in the bottle)
  • 50mg of Caffeine per capsule
  • Includes L-Theanine & Rhodiola

The combination of CBD & Caffeine comes together blissfully to create feelings of focus, clarity, & alertness while leveling out the jitters due to the CBD.

They’re a perfect choice for those who seek energy without the “wired” feelings or anxiety-inducing effects commonly seen with Caffeine usage.

Look no further for a wonderful enregy blend that includes CBD + Caffeine to bring you the boost you need, without the jitters.