Endoca Raw Hemp Oil CBD Capsules


Release your body from the shackles of discomfort & promote joint health! 

   CBD + CBDa blend to promote joint health & release tension

   Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids + Vitamin E included as additional health-positive ingredients

   50mg of CBD + CBDa per capsule for a strong effect

   Traditional & easy to take, without any taste!

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Promote Healthy Joints

   CBDa has shown evidence of being especially helpful for inflammatory cases

   Blended with CBD to achieve maximum relief

   Added Omega 3 & 6 + Vitamin E for an all-around healthy supplement


Strong Relief from a Strong Capsule

   50mg of full-spectrum CBD & CBDa to help crush discomfort

   Strong blend allows for adequate & easy dosing

   0.3% or less THC to provide benefit, without the high


Experience Relief, Without The Taste

   A tasteless capsule that’s easy to take!

   Vegan safe & cGMP certified to ensure safety

   Made from Organic Hemp & sourced ethically