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How To Place A CBDelivery Order

So you'd like to have us deliver CBD right to your door? No worries, we'll walk you through each step of placing a local delivery order!


Note: Delivery orders are accepted for those within a 20 mile radius of our retail store in Wading River!


Step 1

Shop normally & add your desired items to your cart.


Step 2

Begin the checkout process by clicking the cart icon to view your cart. This button is located in the top right corner of our website. It should display the number of items currently in your cart.

Step 3

Located above the checkout button are options for both "Shipping" & "Local Delivery". Make sure to click on "Local Delivery" as the default selection is "Shipping".

If done correctly, it should display a field to input your zipcode. We deliver anywhere on Long Island within 20 miles of our retail store!


Step 4

Enter your postal code for the desired delivery address. Then, click on the magnifying glass icon to make sure you're eligible!

If you're eligible you will see the message "Great! You are eligible for delivery." If you aren't you will recieve an error message & unfortunately must move forward with regular shipping through USPS.


Step 5

Choose the date that you'd like us to deliver your order! We deliver Monday - Friday, anytime between 12PM - 5PM. We will give you a call when your order is on the way!


Great! Now you've selected the date for delivery & are ready to move forward with the checkout process.


Step 6

Press the "Checkout" button to continue on to the next step of the process.


Step 7

Fill out all of your contact information for us to know where we should deliver your order! Also, we use this info to contact you about your order.

After you've entered your information, you can select the "Save this information for next time" option to make your next checkout faster & easier!


Step 8

Scroll down & hit the "Continue to delivery methods" button to move on.


Step 9

At this point, all of your information should be displayed. Make sure everything is correct & if it isn't just jump back to the previous page!

Ensure that under "Shipping Method" the "Local Delivery" option is selected. It should be selected by default.

Step 10

Click on the "Continue to Payment" button that is located just below the "Shipping Method" selection.

Step 11

You should see the following on your screen:

Step 12

Scroll down to the "Complete Order" button to begin finalizing your order for payment.

Step 13

Your page will be redirected to our payment gateway, where you will see this field popup. Enter your card number, expiration date, & CVV security code!

Click on the "PAY $XX.XX" once your information is correct to complete payment for your order!

Step 14

You're all set! The next page will be an order confirmation page where you'll recieve an order summary, as well as information as to the status of your order!

Once we recieve your order we will get it ready-to-go & will give you a phone call before we head out to deliver it to you!

The order will be left in a safe place (usually front porch) & the driver will ring your doorbell to let you know it's been delivered! Thank you so much for your support & call us for any questions, concerns, or comments!