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Looking for CBD near Wading River? 

Noid Botanicals is your next stop. We will help you find the right CBD product for your wants & needs. Shop our curated selection of top U.S. brands by visiting today!

We carry CBD Oils, Topicals, Edibles, Capsules, Pet Products, Skincare products, Drinks, & more!

Enhancing your life through CBD is our mission. We wanted to create an environment that felt unlike any previous CBD shopping experience you've had. 

Tranquility, positivity, & an inviting atmosphere is at the core of what we do. Helping you live your life to the abolute fullest with the power of plants!

Where are we located?

We are located in the Shoppes at East Wind, an all-new shopping center with over 20+ stores & eateries. Street address: 5768 NY-25A Suite V3, Wading River, NY 11792. 

When you enter the shoppes, make a left & we are right around the corner!

Why Noid?

Shopping for CBD isn't easy. In fact, due diligence is needed to make sure you're taking a quality product! CBD products that aren't produced correctly can either not work at all or can contain harmful chemicals that will negatively affect your long-term health.

Our strict vetting process & criteria is based off research & studies from high-level scientists & doctors. We've taken everything we learned & have applied that to the way we select brands to carry! So, we make it easy for you to find quality CBD that works for you.

Another benefit of shopping with us is that we carry a variety products from across the U.S. so you can shop from your favorite brands all at once! 

Lastly, our customer service is top-notch. We take you seriously. We're here for you & to help you have the best experience possible with CBD! Talk with any of our associates to get guidance on what may work best for you.


Do I Need A Special Card or Prescription?

No, theres nothing extra you'll need to shop at our store! CBD products derived from it Hemp are considered a dietary supplement & not a medicine.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes! We can accept any major card company without a problem! Pay however you'd like.

Where do your products come from?

We work with a number of CBD brands directly. Most are based out of places like Colorado, California, Oregon, & Florida! Their Hemp comes from farms located in Colorado, Oregon, California, & Kentucky.

Does CBD interact with other medication?

CBD can interact with CYP450 proteins in your body, responsible for breaking down medicine. Although this is true, many times it would take a very high amount (200mg+) at a time of CBD to cause this at dangerous levels.

Your discretion is advised & the decision to move forward with CBD or not is yours to make. We recommend if you do move forward to be mindful & to space out the consumption of the medication & the CBD. Waiting 2 hours between taking them may be best. This does not serve as medical advice, the choice to consume CBD knowing this information is yours.

What makes a good CBD product?

We look for a few key criteria. First, we require every brand we carry to have readily available 3rd party lab-tests. This is important as these breakdown exactly what the product contains & doesn't contain.

We look for a full, extensive report with included pesticide, microbial, & heavy metal testing. Ensuring these levels are in adequate range for safe consumption is key. 

All product are also extracted using U.S. based, properly grown Hemp & the healthiest extraction methods (Supercritical CO2 or Ethanol). Ensuring that even after the oil is extracted, it is safe to consume. All of our products utilize whole plant Hemp extract that truly contains CBD.