These are some of the most common questions we get asked!

This differs for each product. Oils are taken sublingually (under your tongue), Capsules/ Gummies are swallowed, Topicals are applied to the target area & worked in, & Vapes/Flower is typically inhaled. Flower can also be used to make your own CBD edibles!

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Dosages are entirely based on the person & their deficiencies, not the condition. We recommend starting with a low dosage & slowly working up to see if higher dosages offer more benefit. You may notice different levels of relief at varying dosages!

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Not always. Although we do advise experimenting with higher dosages as the #1 reason people say ‘CBD doesn’t work’ is because they aren’t taking enough.

But, some people don’t need much CBD to feel the benefits their looking for. On the other hand, some people need larger doses to receive the results they seek!

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CBD can be used as needed. Although the best results come from consistent, daily usage as it will build up in your body. Most customers take their CBD 2x per day. Once in the morning for their daytime dose & another late afternoon/nighttime dose to unwind, relax, & to achieve a good night’s rest.

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The number of Milligrams refers to the amount of CBD that exists in the product. The higher number (1000mg, 3000mg) refers to the amount in the entire bottle/product. While the lower number (50mg, 30mg) refers to the amount in each serving (typically 1 full dropper for oils, a single capsule, or per tbsp for topicals).

We invite you to consult a physician, although many aren’t fully informed on CBD. Theoretically, CBD has the potential to interact with the breakdown of medication similar to Grapefruit. Real-world data has shown that interactions are limited & it isn’t common to see negative interactions. Many customers are able to ween off prescriptions after some time.

This is not medical advice & you must use personal discretion when choosing alternative methods.

The FDA is strict about companies talking about side effects. In our experience, negative side effects are uncommon. The World Health Organization recognizes CBD as generally safe to consume & to have real-world therapeutic merit.

Cannabis, including Hemp/CBD, has never been directly associated with a single death in the thousands of years of usage. Taking too much may result in tiredness & at worst, cause nausea that’s usually due to the excessive amount of carrier oil that is consumed.

CBD is considered to be non-intoxicating & therefore will not impair you or prevent you from performing normal, everyday tasks. Full Spectrum CBD does contain trace amounts of THC which can affect you more strongly if your body has never received any, although nowhere near the effects from Marijuana products.

We advise customers that starting low is a good idea to get a feel for what CBD does or doesn’t feel like!

CBD is federally legal. Therefore we can legally ship to all 50 U.S. states! We will happily ship & send your order to your door. Although, we advise checking local & state laws regarding the consumption & possession of CBD products.

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We offer a 90-day, full-refund policy on all purchases. We truly believe in the quality of our products & brands. Your happiness is what keeps us alive & therefore we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re smiling at the end of the day.

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