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#WhyITakeCBD: Christian Vergara - Founder, Noid Botanicals

by Christian Vergara |

Natural Alternatives

Christian: So I've always been someone who has been wary of taking 

prescription or over-the-counter medicines for one reason or another

that's just the way I am, as many people who are interested in CBD are the same

way; we look for natural alternatives that may come with less harsh

consequences and may provide a better fit for what we're trying to achieve

without any kind of side effects or questions as to what it's doing to your

body. Synthesized chemicals and compounds they work but a lot of times

they come with drawbacks and things that you don't know about and so

on and so forth. So, that is something that's just been a fact about me ever since I can remember 

I'm always kind of wary of what I'm putting

into my body and find it important to take note of that; With

regard to having fun. I will have that piece of cake and I'll have

that ice cream but I'll also be wary and I'll be

mindful of “oh let me not drink that soda with every meal”, you know? Let me save it for those special occasions 

How I Got Started With Cannabis

So, the way it actually all began I actually started

to smoke and consume marijuana as a whole and the reason I was more

convinced to actually open up my mind to trying marijuana was because I had heard

that it has the potential to aid with feelings of anxiousness. And so, I heard

of this potential and I was absolutely intrigued and I also researched into the

side effects and if there are many drawbacks.


You think there's got to be drawbacks or addiction or something

and I just read and read and read and there were just many positive things and

there's no addiction and there's no overdose and nobody's died from it! And

it's like well well it can do all this and you know, you can have fun with it, you

could use it for a therapeutic purpose, and you know what? The worst thing that's

gonna happen is you're gonna fall asleep. You might get nauseous that's

the worst thing and that's what really kind of brought me

into this whole cannabis movement and so afterward, I started using this

plant as a kind of recreational but also kind of therapeutic purpose. I realized

what effect it was having on my social anxiety and that was a very positive

profound effect!

How I Feel When Taking CBD 

The way I can describe it is, I just felt much more relaxed. Much

more confident and calm and I felt like I didn't give a damn about what anyone

said about me -- and that was something that really held me back. I always used

to think about what would someone say about me if I say something really

stupid, or I look funny, or this, that, or the other. I always had this notion that

it would have this crazy kind of ripple effect and everybody in my

life would not like me as much. Whatever it is it's just this very

foreign, kind of far-fetched thought process but, you can't control that and it just

it comes over you.


I couldn't be myself in a lot of situations, I couldn't express myself. I couldn't talk

to others. My opinions or my thoughts

weren't relayed to others and I wouldn't want to put them out there; in

fear that they would go against what others had in their mind, and so that was

my fear and still is to this day. I still struggle with it especially when I don't

take my CBD I struggle with it & it comes back and that's

 really the reason I kind of got into this whole thing.


So, afterward I realized that when I was under the influence of Cannabis I was not having these thoughts. I was simply enjoying life, I was present, I was here, I was

ready to say whatever the heck. No matter what you said about it I didn't give a

damn. I didn't have a care in the world and it's not like you're in this other

world and you're so high that you're out of it’s just, you're here but

you're just more comfortable, you're more confident in your own skin, you're more free-thinking and so, after I actually looked over at CBD

My First Time Trying CBD

So one day, I decided to pick up CBD gummies from the local smoke shop. They

honestly weren't the best quality, but I noticed in effect from them.

I noticed a relaxing effect from them that was very similar to the

effect I felt with marijuana, but the profound thing was that I didn't have the

stoned or high-aspect. Which is very nice.

So, essentially I take CBD because it gives me all those positive effects of Cannabis and Marijuana without the stoned or high part. Now, I'm not ruling out that part. There's a time and a place for everything. What I'm saying is when I'm at work, when I'm at a professional kind of situation or setting, when I have to not be

intoxicated or I don't want to be intoxicated. This is exactly when CBD

comes in handy for me. That's why I take it every single day because it's

not intoxicating yet it's enhancing my life and giving me all the

positive therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis plant without the heady

stoned or high feeling. Which is wonderful and a lifesaver for many 

CBD Serves A Great Purpose

Many others want to enjoy & have heard of all these amazing benefits

of the Cannabis plant and CBD, and they just want that. They don't want

the stoned or high part, and that's absolutely okay. It's okay if

you do and it's okay if you don't. There's both sides of the story

and there are plenty of people who just want that relaxing therapeutic aspect

without that medicated, intoxicated feeling which is valid and that is why

we are here today.

The Way I Feel With CBD

For me, the way CBD makes me feel is generally just very

Relaxed, and because I'm very relaxed I am more in control. I can control what I

say more. I can control what I relay to others more, and I just feel that I am

able to be more myself when I am not all nervous and anxious and afraid of what

the next line that comes out of my mouth is gonna be. And so, through the use of

CBD I have found this natural, incredible, awesome, very easy to take

supplement that introduces no other side effects. I haven't seen any

sort of side effects through cannabis usage as a whole.


I've never gotten sick from it. I've never had

a terrible experience with it and that's the wonderful thing about it, guys.

It's not only this recreational thing that you can have fun with it's

this whole other side of it that's therapeutic and medicinal at some

point, and really provides this benefit. That's why CBD has such a wide

kind of reach and it's blowing up right now. Because THC and

Marijuana appeals to people who are okay with getting stoned or high, and that's

completely fine. CBD now extends that reach

to people who aren’t interested in that aspect but are so interested in the many

health benefits they heard of from CBD! So, this is why CBD has this whole huge

potential to become something very big. It's because it has the

reach of the everyday person that doesn't want to get stoned on a

daily basis.


That is the reason guys, and especially for people who have

been on harder drugs and they're trying to wean off. They want to

stay away from any type of high or disassociative feeling. This is when the

CBD really comes in handy, and in many cases is the preferred

choice for people. 

Having your CBD & THC too!

Then there are people like myself. I love

CBD and I rely on it daily. I also love my regular Marijuana flower and that

side of it. So there's people who accept both, and introduce both into their

bodies and that's completely fine! And it's completely fine if you only do one

or the other. You're getting many of the same chemicals no matter

which way you put it and overall it's just about whether you want that feeling

or you don't.


Most people who will take CBD don't want that and that's again completely fine, and that's why we're here. To serve that market. 

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