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Who Uses CBD?

by Christian Vergara |

CBD is one of the most popular topics and items of the past couple of years. The question I asked was, “who is taking CBD?” What types of people & what ages are using it most? I sought out to find the answer myself!

CBD is being used by virtually everyone! It's not just one subset of people but is increasingly growing in popularity as a part of our everyday lives. Although, there are some trends that are showing similarities between those who are currently taking CBD. For one, the average CBD user is over the age of 35, believe it or not! Another pattern we've seen in the CBD industry is that most users are female. Now you might ask yourself why this is? Let’s explore exactly why in the rest of this article.


What do the surveys show?

Based on this 2018 survey, “A Cross-Sectional Study of Cannabidiol Users”, courtesy of the National Institute of Health, the most prominent subset of CBD users is in the 55 to 74 years old age range. With nearly 40% of respondents falling into this age range. 

If we broaden that range to users over the age of 35, this figure grows to about 80%.  So, it is clear that CBD appeals to an older demographic. Most theories as to why this is true are due to the fact that as we age our bodies become more sensitive to pain, aches suddenly appear, and recovery takes longer due to your age.

The years of wear and tear that we put on our bodies is also a likely suspect. Think about the stress that we place on our bodies each and every day. Not only in a physical aspect but our mental stress can cause us to tense up and may have negative effects on our physical body and well-being. The daily challenges of our everyday life force detrimental effects onto our long-term health and these begin to show as we age more and more.

Another likely reason that the CBD markets skews towards an older demographic is due to financial stability and wealth. As we age, we compound our wealth & save money by the day. So, as we get older and accumulate more wealth & higher salaries, we are more likely to be able to spend higher amounts on a more frequent basis. While CBD is certainly worth the cost, it can be costly. We don't advise going for the cheapest CBD you can find, as you will get what you pay for. It could contain harmful ingredients & additives. For this reason, high quality CBD appeals towards an older demographic as it commands a higher price point.


Females are more likely to take CBD

Another intriguing discovery that this survey reveals is that the CBD market is skewed slightly towards females. In this survey, the gap between females and males wasn't extremely large but there was a higher number of females then there were males. In fact, a little over 50% of the respondents were female & about 47% were male. The remaining amount either did not answer or does not identify as either-or.

The theory in this case as to why the typical CBD user tends to be female more often than not is largely due to the fact that females prioritize personal health and care for themselves more often than men do. From manicures to facials to visits to the spa, it is clear that women prioritize their health & tend to pamper themselves more than men do.

Another likely factor is the tendency of women to make the household purchase decisions, especially when discussing health products. Females tend to be the ones to go out shopping and therefore are more likely to be exposed to CBD than men. Many times it is the mother or another female figure in the house that thinks about the health of others around them. Skincare products, makeup, and plenty of supplements are aimed at women specifically for this reason. They realize that women take their health into their own hands and prioritize feeling good and staying healthy.


What does this mean?

So now that I know what types of people are taking CBD, what are we going to do with this information? Well, it's especially important for those interested in getting into the business of CBD.

Knowing your target demographic is critical for ensuring your business’s success and product-market fit. The idea behind this is to better understand the customer you are serving and to ensure your products appeal to that target demographic in an effective manner.

You might think that CBD is used by young people. Maybe you considered the fact that younger people have a more open mindset and would be more apt to look for a natural alternative. While this may be true you can't always rely on your personal opinions and theories.

This is why it's important to seek out surveys and credibly sourced information to assess exactly who makes up a majority of your target market. The points I relayed above are valid & could convince you that the typical CBD user would be younger. But, after looking into third-party surveys and data we can easily see that the consumer is just the opposite; over 35.


How we use this information

Understanding this kind of information about your specific target market enables you to connect better with your audience. Researching this data will enable you to build a better business suited for success, create more effective branding, & assist you in developing your sales and marketing strategy. 

You now know what type of customer you are serving. The next steps are to figure out what works best with them, where they spend their time, & understanding the consumer you are trying to convince to trust you. Your messaging, color scheme, and ad copy should all be centered around connecting with this specific target market. Imagine yourself in their shoes and think about their pain points and concerns regarding your specific product.

We have understood this from day one. We knew that we were appealing to an older demographic and therefore have made many of our company decisions based on this fact. We let go of our personal opinions and ideas in exchange for ones that would work best with this target customer.  Our decisions, ideas, and overall business is driven by the goal of connecting with our target market in the best way possible.

Everything from our logo design, website design, sales, & marketing is done with consideration of our target market. We understand the struggles, difficulties, and concerns that these consumers have and are constantly adapting our approach to meet them. We feel this is an important aspect to the longevity of our business & the way it truly connects with our customers.


We've learned that the typical CBD user tends to be over 35 and skews female. It is not the younger demographic that you may I think it is. For this reason, it's always nice to do research and to find out primary data into the exact answer you're looking for. 

It's an important aspect of building a business and a product that will connect with your audience. Businesses and products aimed at “everyone” is a dangerous approach. This is because you simply cannot appeal to every single demographic that exists at once. So do your research, then do some more, and then use that data to better your business and product as a whole. 

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