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The CBD Spectrum: Explained

by Christian Vergara |

Spectrum & CBD, what do they have to do with each other? I set out on a journey to understand this so-called spectrum.

My findings concluded at this: Full spectrum refers to a product containing all of the compounds found naturally within the Hemp plant. Broad Spectrum means the product contains most of the plant's compounds but not all of them. Finally, Isolate products only contain CBD & no other compounds or cannabinoids found within the plant. Now, let's explore why all of this matters!


So what's the difference?

Your experience with CBD can be largely influenced by the product at hand. One of the biggest factors is the extraction method used. This is exactly where products are transformed from full spectrum, to broad spectrum or isolate.

A full spectrum product contains all of the naturally occurring compounds found within the Hemp plant. In essence, this can be seen as a more raw form of extract. Cannabis contains over 450+ chemicals, compounds, & cannabinoids! Each of them has an important role in the plant's natural structure & makeup. This is why a full spectrum product provides more health benefits than products that don't contain the entire plant makeup (Broad Spectrum / Isolate).

Broad spectrum refers to products that have been processed to a degree in which some of the plant's chemicals or compounds are left out. Usually, producers will extract THC or Chlorophyll from the product to better serve the target consumer & produce a cleaner looking extract. This is essentially a middle-ground option for those seeking maximum benefit without THC. It is a more refined overall extract which has it's benefits & drawbacks.

Isolate products contain only CBD & none of the other natural chemicals, THC or other cannabinoids from the Hemp plant. This is the most stripped-down version of a CBD product. As there is only a single compound in the product, without any other of the naturally occurring chemicals. These products serves as a safe option for those who are drug tested for work or otherwise!


Which is best?

A full spectrum product will provide the most optimal experience & maximum efficacy. For most, we recommend choosing these kinds of extracts or products! Ensuring that the products contain these natural compounds, including THC, is important to have the best possible experience.

Another result of having the naturally occuring Cannabinoids is what is called the 'Entourage Effect'. When CBD is paired with THC the effects & benefits of each compound are strengthened! 


But Wait!

Although we recommend full-spectrum products as a first-choice option, there are reasons to choose broad-spectrum or isolate products! One of the biggest being drug testing. Most drug tests detect levels of THC, not CBD, & therefore a THC-free, broad-spectrum or isolate products would serve this kind of person well.

You may also generally dislike THC which is a valid reason to opt for one of these kinds of products! So don't write off broad spectrum & isolate as they do have a purpose in the market.


What We Learned

So, now we know the difference between the different ends of the spectrum & what it all means! Full-spectrum is preferred but not always practical. If you're getting drug tested, use isolate products.

Luckily, I don't have to worry about that & will continue enjoying the full spectrum of cannabinoid-goodness that the Hemp plant has to offer :)

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