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How to Store CBD Oil

by Christian Vergara |

I bought my first CBD tincture & when I got home wondered, “How should I store it?” So I set out to research what the best place would be to keep my wonderful nectar of happiness. Did I even have to worry about it at all?

After doing some research I found that CBD Oil should optimally be kept in a cool, dry, & dark place. Why? This is because CBD & Hemp’s other cannabinoids do not like light. In fact, the cannabinoids can even be destroyed if exposed to excessive light! So, places like a cabinet can be perfect. Some also choose to store their CBD in the refrigerator!


The Best Way To Store CBD Oil

From what I’ve found, CBD Oil should be stored in a stable environment with little to no light. A couple of examples are a pantry, a medicine cabinet, or even the fridge! Other important factors include keeping your CBD away from moisture or humidity. 

Similar to any natural product, CBD and the other naturally occurring compounds will degenerate and break down over time. This can be slowed down by properly storing the extract in a dark, cool, & dry environment.


Keep CBD Oil Cool

Another way that CBD can be weakened is through conditions that are too warm or hot. Optimally, CBD should be stored in the coolest place possible without making it thicken making it harder for you to take. Unless you are storing the oil for a very long time, the freezer isn’t necessary & will cause it to thicken. 

The refrigerator is another commonplace to store CBD. A cabinet or pantry will work just fine in any area that is already temperature regulated throughout your house. Anywhere around 70° is perfectly fine for CBD, though the cooler you get the better.


Can You Store CBD Oil In The Fridge? 

Storing your CBD oil in the refrigerator is a good choice as the fridge checks off all marks of being dark cool and dry! The only drawback of storing your CBD oil in the fridge is if the extract gets too cold it may thicken which is fixed simply by running warm or hot water over the bottle. 

Although, most refrigerators should be set at temperatures that will not make the extract excessively thick. Another effect of placing your CBD oil in the fridge is that the flavor is muted. So, if you're not too fond of the flavor of CBD oil the fridge might be the perfect place for you to store it! Lastly, placing your CBD oil in the fridge can lengthen its ‘shelf life’. 


Close your CBD Oil Cap!

Another important tip for storing CBD oil is to ensure you close that cap! Keeping heaters CBD oil airtight is an important factor as exposing it to air could cause it to become oxidized. this is another way that CBD oil can be made less effective. Another potential issue with exposing your CBD oil to excessive air is that there may be humidity contained within it. Therefore, you are exposing your CBD to moisture at the same time. 


Keep Your CBD Out of Sunlight

Don't bring your CBD oil to the beach! If you do, leave it in your bag where there’s shade or better yet leave it in the cooler!  CBD along with hemp’s other cannabinoids will break down more rapidly when exposed to direct and or constant sunlight. This will result in a product being less effective and potent than it was initially. 

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