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Are CBD Oil & Hemp Oil The Same?

by Christian Vergara |

CBD Oil has been all the craze as of lately! Although, many are confused as to how it compares with Hemp Oil & if they’re any different at all. So, we did our research into exactly what the answer to this controversy is.

CBD Oil is Hemp-derived, in most cases, & as such products may be labeled as “Hemp Extract”. The important difference is in the type of Hemp Extract used. Hemp Seed Oil is extracted using only the seeds which contain minimal to no CBD. Whereas Hemp Extract labeled as “whole-plant” or “aerial parts” or "Phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp Oil" utilizes the entirety of the plant's flowers, leaves, & stems which truly contain CBD.

Hemp Seed Oil

Derived from Hemp Seeds

Contains minimal to no CBD

Used in skincare products & foods

CBD Oil / Whole Plant Hemp Oil

Derived from Hemp leaves, buds, & stems

Contains high levels of CBD

Used for CBD products & supplements

Hemp Seed Oil

Looking to find CBD products on Amazon? You won’t find any! While yes, if you search the term “CBD” on Amazon products will come up, be wary as they do not contain any CBD whatsoever! This is because they all use Hemp Seed Oil as the active ingredient!

The Hemp plant, like any other plant, produces seeds that can be used to grow other plants, as a food additive, & can be used to produce Hemp Seed Oil. This is exactly what is used in “CBD” products available on Amazon. Who has strictly banned any true CBD products from their website! The rest of the Hemp plant isn’t used in this process & as such none of the cannabinoids & nutrients that exist within the flower, stems, & leaves are present. This includes the majority of the plant’s CBD.

Now, this is not to say that Hemp Seed Oil doesn’t provide any benefits & serves no purpose. In fact, it has the ability to enhance the health of your skin! It’s high in Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids which encourages new skin growth while also assisting with inflammation, acne, & other blemishes. Your skin may even look more youthful as the oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles & aging marks.

So, while Hemp Seed Oil contains minimal to no CBD, it certainly serves its purpose. It is used in a few of the products we carry as an additive & carrier oil. Although it can be beneficial, if you’re seeking any or all of the various health benefits that you’ve heard CBD can give you, you’re going to want a product that utilizes “whole-plant” Hemp Extract.


Whole Plant Hemp Extract

The key is in its name! The process of creating a product that truly delivers CBD utilizes all or most of the plant’s contents to render a powerful, cannabinoid-rich oil. This is exactly what you are looking for when seeking CBD & or it’s various health benefits!

When the entirety of the plant is used in the extraction process the many cannabinoids that exist within it, are also found in the final product. Unless it’s a broad spectrum or isolate product where some compounds & chemicals have been removed, see “The CBD Spectrum: Explained”. Otherwise, the extract will contain all of the naturally occurring compounds that exist within the plant’s leaves, flowers, & stems! This includes but is not limited to, CBD.

Due to the fact that all of the plant is used, this process produces a true CBD oil that is much more likely to give you the results you’ve been looking for! The Hemp plant contains more than 400+ different compounds that all work together & synergize to create an effective supplement that many can benefit from. 


How to know if your CBD Oil is real?

So, now that we know the difference between the two oils, the question is how do we make sure we are purchasing or taking the right one? Well, this is simple - just check the ingredient list!

Hemp seed oil will be labeled as such or as Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. Whereas true CBD Oil will be labeled as Hemp Extract (Whole Plant) or (Aerial Parts) or Phtyocannabinoid rich Hemp Oil / Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

As long as the product label lists the latter as a primary ingredient you can be more confident that the CBD will actually be present & take effect. Sometimes, companies even use both Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Whole Plant Oil together so you get the best of both worlds! But, to ensure you’re actually taking CBD it must detail the kind of extract(s) used.


How companies use Hemp Seed Oil to trick you

Taking advantage of the consumer & their lack of knowledge is a shady practice that we totally disagree with. Product touting “CBD” while remaining totally absent of any has become an increasing problem. This is because of the massive trend & demand that CBD has drawn.

Many companies outside of the CBD space solely seek to take advantage of the uptrend in the popularity of the cannabinoid without any concern over the experience the consumer has. They only seek to increase sales by slapping the three letters C, B, & D to make customers more intrigued & likely to purchase. As such, many consumers are being fooled & going home to have a mediocre at best experience with “CBD” products that actually contain almost no CBD. 

It’s a huge issue & we hope that as regulation strengthens, there will be more clear rules set to make this difference clearer to the consumer. It is only fair that the customer should know what they are taking or not taking. Yet, more & more companies are jumping on the “CBD” train based on the projected growth & demand that this wonderful industry has. They are tarnishing the look & opinion of CBD for many & we seek to help put an end to it through education & supporting regulation.


Which should you take?

This is entirely dependent on the results you seek! If you’re just looking for a skincare enhancer or for a source of Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids, then Hemp Seed Oil would serve you just fine. 

Although, if you’re looking to realize the various health benefits touted about CBD including helping you feel calmer & more centered, achieving more restful sleep, relieving discomfort throughout the body, supporting healthy joints/muscles & so much more than you’re looking for a true whole plant Hemp Extract / CBD Oil.

Most people who are interested in CBD & its effects are looking for this kind of extract as it actually contains high levels of CBD. This will prove as a much more effective & consistent way to introduce CBD into your body, resulting in positive results! So, the next time you’re out shopping for CBD make sure you check the label. Don’t accept any product that doesn’t specifically detail the kind of extract used & do your research into who you’re buying from!

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