Helping you find safe, proven CBD that works.

CBD is an amazing little compound. The problem is that it’s increasingly difficult to know who to trust & where to turn to for it! Ensuring you’re getting well-made, safe to consume CBD is what we specialize in.

We don’t make CBD, we take it. In fact, we personally use/have used every single product in our store! At first, we realized just how hard it is to find quality CBD products. We then built our knowledge on what makes a healthy, safe CBD product & apply that criteria to our vetting process.

Our sole purpose is bringing together the best CBD brands in the U.S. into a seamless, easy shopping experience. Enabling everyday people to more easily access trusted, safe CBD. We carefully select brands that provide full 3rd-party lab tests, use healthy extraction methods, & price their CBD fairly!

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5768 NY-25A Suite V3, Wading River, NY 11792

Phone: +1 631-886-2738

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Monday: Closed. Tuesday Sunday: 12p–5p

What We Do Differently:

Bringing Top Brands Together

We carry a selection of leading U.S. based CBD brands. So, you can shop from all of them in a single, easy experience. Saving you time & money!

Researched & Vetted CBD

We aren't loyal nor have affiliations with any CBD brand or product. Our process involves ensuring that the brands we carry are using safe practices when crafting their CBD!

Saving You Money

We offer products at the lowest pricing we possibly can! Passing on savings whenever we can'; we're focused on making CBD more accessible for all.

90-Day Full-Refund Policy

We back every order with our 90-day, money-back guarantee. Because if you're not happy, we're not! Message for more.

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